Types OfMembership

"Members are the lifeblood of the Association. It is for its members that the Association exists and operates. New members will ensure that the Association continues to serve overall collective tourism industry of Kuala Lumpur."
- En. Azlan Hussain (KLTA President 2016-2018)

Members of the KLTA comprise both travel related as well as non-travel companies, establishments and organizations that have either a base of operation or business interests in Kuala Lumpur and the State of Selangor. The common denominator for all members is that they operate to serve the tourism industry in one way or another. 

Members include (but are not limited to) the following types of companies, establishments and organizations:

Tour & Travel Operators
Tourist Attractions
Food & Beverage Outlets
Entertainment Outlets
Retail Outlets
Transport / Service Providers
There are two categories of membership; Ordinary Members and Associate Members. The criteria for membership is as follows:


Any person, firm, corporation or organization based in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and/or in the State of Selangor whose application of membership shall be approved by the Executive Committee as per the terms and conditions determined and whose name shall have been entered on the Register of Members


Any person, firm, corporation or organization outside the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and/or in the State of Selangor whose application of membership shall be approved by the Executive Committee. Associate Members shall have no voting rights and shall not be eligible for election into the Executive Committee. 


Business Opportunities & Networking

Business opportunities / networking amongst members and other industry players, inter membership products and services promotions

Invitation to Members

Invitation to KLTA and other industry functions including those organised by Tourism Ministry/Tourism Malaysia/DBKL.

Training & Education Programs

KLTA Training & Education Programs

Retainers Programs

Retainers programs and other Hospitality/Retail/F&B related training programs. Discounted Rates for Members.

Industry Events

Invitation to participate in KLTA industry events at complimentary/discounted members rates. Events include conferences such as the annual Global Tourism Cities Conference, KLTA Goodwill games, industry visits, FAM trips etc.

Endorsement for Members

Endorsement by KLTA to support members event, product and activities subject to approval by the Association

Joint Activities

Joint members / KLTA organized functions, events or activities.

Website & Publications Listing

Free Listing on KLTA Website and publications include KLTalk, KLTA city guide map, Passport to Malaysia. Discounted rates for advertising.

About KLTA

The Kuala Lumpur Tourism Association (KLTA) is the oldest tourism industry association in the country. Established in 1963, the KLTA represented most of the industry players in the country at the time. This was because Kuala Lumpur was the main hub of tourism activity in the then newly formed Malaysia. Over the years the industry has grown and developed in all corners of our nation, necessitating more nationalized organizations to meet the requirements of the nationwide industry players.

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