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KLTA Amazing Hunt 2015

KLTA is organising the KLTA Amazing Hunt 2015 to promote tourism attractions and places of interest in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Putrajaya.

It is an event that combines a treasure hunt and activities that participants are tasked to perform. Several interesting Tourism Attractions have been selected as Check Points in this event. Participants have to complete the tasks given to them at each of these locations. The team that covers the most location and completes the task assignments base on merit within the event period will be awarded as the winner. It will be a one day event kicking off in the morning and ending with a prize giving reception in the evening.

The KLTA Amazing Hunt 2015 is now open for participation from the general public. There will also be participants from the tourism industry from all over Malaysia as well as expatriates and tourists. The event is designed for participants to have fun, to enjoy and experience what KL has to offer.

To promote and create greater awareness of tourist attractions and places of interest within KL, Selangor and Putrajaya.

To foster fellowship amongst the participants which include members of the media and publishers, KLTA members, tourism industry players and tourists.

To foster greater rapport amongst the Tourism Attraction Product Operators and the participants.

To make this an annual event to be included in KL Tourism Calendar of Event.



Date: Sunday 22nd November 2015

Time: Flag off: 0830hrs

Estimated Time of Completion: 1630hrs

Starting point: Kuala Lumpur (TBA)

Ending point: Putrajaya (TBA)

Program and Prize giving ceremony reception venue TBA.

Event Category

There will be two categories:-

  • Open Category

For the general public and paying participants.

  • Close Category

Only for the invited participants which include the members of the media, tourism related organizations and authorities and KLTA members.


Open Category

1st Prize – RM3000+gift vouchers

2nd Prize – RM2000+gift vouchers

3rd Prize – Rm1000+gift vouchers

5X Consolation Prizes

Close Category

1st Prize – RM1200 +hotel vouchers/gift items

2nd Prize – RM1000 + hotel vouchers/gift items

3rd Prize – RM800 + hotel vouchers/gift items

5X Consolation Prizes

Lucky draws
Holiday Packages, Hotel vouchers, hampers and gift items

Event Mechanics

a) Participants are given clues as to the 8 Check Points (Tourism Attractions/Destinations) and plan their own routing

  1. b) There will be a tulip given in respect of each of the Attractions that participants need to resolve to identify the Check Point location.
  2. c) Their objective is to visit all the 8 Check Points and to successfully complete the

tasks that are given to them at each Check Point

  1. d) Participants will be provided a participation passport and they have to get it stamped after completing their tasks at each Check Point.
  2. e) Scoring for each tasks are given accordingly based on their performance merit
  3. g) Participants will then have to make way to the Finish Line on time

PAVAs Hunts
A Company with more than 15 years’ experience in organizing, staging and operating Treasure Hunts and events. Helmed by Pava, who is renowned Clerk-of Course in the Malaysian treasure hunting fraternity.

Kuala Lumpur Tourism Association

This event is organised by KLTA.

Endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia.