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About Us

KLTA In Brief

Kuala Lumpur Tourism Association, better known as KLTA, was inaugurated in 1963 with the aim of promoting tourism in Kuala Lumpur. With the endorsement and full support from the Ministry Tourism, Tourism Malaysia, DBKL and NTCM many notable activities have been successfully carried out by KLTA.

KLTA’s 210 member organizations comprise both travel establishments as well as non-travel related companies – all bound by a common objective i.e. to help make Kuala Lumpur an interesting tourist destination. In addition, ex-officio members of KLTA include Kuala Lumpur City Hall, Tourism Malaysia, National Museum, Department of Road Transport, Department of Royal Customs and Excise, Tourist Police and Malaysia Airports Berhad.

 KLTA Logo Rationale

  1. Yellow top half represents renewed vibrancy and the acceptance of the association towards new challenges.
  2. KLTA text in blue and yellow, with slightly italicized font represents a bold move towards rapid progression coupled with fearless approach towards good changes.
  3. Blue bottom half represents a firm commitment and “seriousness” towards the overall objectives of the association.
  4. Circular dimensions of the logo represent a progressive move to weather the storms of change and acceptance of time which may take the association towards unchartered territory.

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